bothell bark mulch

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bark fir fines

FIR FINES Fir and Hemlock fines in a 1/2” minus particle size. To be used as a top dressing for fine manicured look.

bark medium

Medium/Fine Fir - Fir and Hemlock bark in a 1-1/4” minus particle size. To be used as a top dressing for a more natural look.

play chips

Play Chips - 1-1/2” fir/hemlock chips used as a ground cover in play areas.

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Thank you for checking out Plant Mulch Co. We are a landcape supply company, specializing in bark and mulch delvery. We source and supply bulk yard products including rock, bark, and compost. We are a family owned business built around friendly service. Check us out for your beauty bark mulch needs. In addition to landscape products like bark mulch, Bothell area delivery of topsoil and more are available.

Bark mulch is made from fir and hemlock tree bark that is a waste product of saw mills. If the mulch contains a concentration of wood any higher than 15% (according to the Mulch and Soil Council) rather than bark, it is referred to as wood mulch rather than bark mulch. Bark is defined as the corky exterior covering of the tree. It can be filleted to small chips or stripped into thin strands called fines. The finer the chipping or stripping, the faster the decomposition of the mulch. Because the mulch is made from fir or hemlock, homeowners should be aware that the mulch is acidic and care should be taken as to what kind of plants are in the area. Plants that love alkaline soils should not be mulched with fir/hemlock mulch. Here in the Northwest many native plants love acidic soil and bark mulch is a benefit and promotes health of the plants. That said, bark mulch is good at keeping down weeds both because a 2 to 3 inch layer tends to prevent sunlight from reaching weed seeds and thus stopping them from germinating but also because weeds tend to be acid intolerant. Any weeds that do grow will tend to be poorly rooted and easily pulled since they are unlikely to reach the underlying soil. People wishing to keep weeds down as a primary objective should use larger bark mulch - Bothell residents mulching for only appearance may prefer finer mulch, although it will break down faster.

If you are not certain what kind of Bothell bark mulch is right for your yard or just want to know what the advantages and disadvantages are for different woods or grinds we are available to help.

Beauty bark mulch makes your yard look finished and helps keep down weed growth. Highly affordable your yard deserves beauty bark mulch. Bothell, Everett, Lynnwood, Snohomish and all of Snohomish County and North King. Family owned from the bookkeeper to the truck driver. Call now. Want to pick up? You can do it in Snohomish. Bark mulch and all our products are available, our address is on this page.

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